About Us

RGS Scientific: Providing analytical tools to scientists and engineers for the advancement of knowledge and technology

RGS Scientific goal is to be the best at providing instrument solutions to scientists and engineers so that they are more productive in their quests. Whether the goal is basic science, applied research, failure analysis, or quality control, the instrument companies we represent offer the best solutions and capabilities available.

Our company’s mission is to be the best at providing our customers sales and service support by reacting quickly to your requests and needs to ensure a prompt solution.

RGS Scientific offers dedicated service support for many of the systems we represent. Our training has been provided directly by the manufacturing companies.

RGS Scientific works diligently to bring new technologies to the forefront, advising our customers of the latest products and technology that might be ideal for their applications as well as new accessories that enhance the capabilities of a customer’s current instrument.

We work to establish strong communication with our customers as active dialog with our principals to build a strong business and successful partnership.